Neutrons and Fertilizer

9×12 in. mixed media. Title speaks for the work, right? Layered process like my earlier works, 6-8 deep, lots of texture. This is a similar process that was used to make 5 Finger Blues. Title took awhile to hit me, but once I started to think along those lines the name stuck. Inspiration? Ever been up 10,000 ft. while flying over Kansas farm land in late spring? Different crops some fairing better than others…hmmm seems like we have some crop circles.

By the way Cookeville Artprowl 2012 went well…will show a few pictures from it soon.


17 thoughts on “Neutrons and Fertilizer

  1. I love the depth and layers. I look a furrows in fields all the time, this is like furrows meets crop circles. Thanks for stopping by the blog I appreciate the visit and the chance to see your work 🙂

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    • I find watercolor paper 140lb. hot rolled to be a little dry, even with a nice thick coating of acrylic…might i interest you in What Waterbugs, it has a nice tissue flavor of lake water with soaked leaves…appreciate the like and i am pleased you would want to share on your site, site…thanks

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