SK shoes


canvas and markers

For Christmas I gave a pair of white canvas keds to my daughter-in-law with the promise to art them up. Was side tracked until we got the right size. Had to work hard on ideas and finally came up with SpeeDee, Statue of Liberty, Track/High Jump & personal best at TTU, Seattle,Knoxville, Crossfit Knights logo, kettle bells, Bailey and bigfoot. Seems like a lot to fit into a shoe but that’s why I call them  “Life Shoes.”  Only white left from the original canvas is the sign’s background held by SpeeDee (the first McDonald’s mascot before Ronald… figured that was a better choice than a big Ronald on her toes…plus SpeeDee makes for a good conversation). Can’t see on these shots but I did a couple of city scapes on the sides of the shoes. Yellow was a favorite color as was teal and grey.

First post of the year, maybe this will get my juices going again…later.


30 thoughts on “SK shoes

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    • My wife has a pair that has been washed (no bleach or heavy soaps) and aired dried, 3 times and the colors haven’t faded or runned. Using quality inks and spraying with good acrylic matte finishes seems to have done the trick. I guess to a point it is fun wearing the art and getting the looks and conversations, at some point the shoes wuld get retired for display. Appreciate your comments Isabelle, thanks.

  2. Love the shoes, love happy shoes, love you custom-painted them for your daughter law. Love to know of another artistic talent at work here in Toronto! (and thank you for the Likes on some of my recent posts)

    • The creative bug hasn’t been active lately, just some sketches and simple drawings…i have been taking a boatload of photos, but i typically don’t share them…late summer and early fall normally gets my juices going again…appreciate the follow and comment, thank you

    • LOL…McDonalds doesn’t always have the most adorable characters in history of their ADs. But SpeeDee could grow on ya over time, as long the sign he holds has a positive message !

  3. Hi Ken,
    Thank you for stopping by and following ‘the insanity’! I really love the shoes and the story behind them. I look forward to seeing more of your unique ideas and talent 😉

  4. Love those. I saw a cool pair on Pinterest a while back that were done with the Bewitched character. Wanted them bad but they were custom. Thank you for following my Blog too, really appreciate that 😀

    • I use Sharpie Stained and Marvy brand fabric markers…i use matte acrylic spray to seal, not sure I need it but worry about H2O. Makes shoes a little stiff but after some wear they get soft. Thanks for the WOWSERS.

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