Wildfires Stop 4 No Man…or Woman


12x16in. mixed media on canvas.

Been awhile since i have posted on my blog, but I am back again! Getting ready for a show at Art a’ la carte November 22nd. Calling the show “Celebrations Twenty-two”, based on 3 facts:

  • 1. it is on my anniversary (thank you Jane )
  • 2. it is the  date of the opening reception/meet the artist
  • 3. and my featured work (Chaos in the Bay) will be in the “Kansas City Voice,” an annual art publication on …page 22 coming out in November.

Hope to see a few people there that have followed my blog.

As for this latest work I fell back on my forest fire series. Using a new canvas  type for me, comes in pads “ALLWAYS” by Crescendo. Took my inks well with very little bleed and had a nice texture to the surface, just enough tooth to work nicely with pencils. Once I put my finishes on it looked like vinyl, which is way different than what I expected. Will do a few using this to explore the possibilities with my styles. I do wonder if some of you have used this type of canvas before and your thoughts.

Not much to say about the work itself…at least to me it seems very obvious. Fire sweeping thru a forest area, with some man-made features and the sun peaking and playing off of the event/smoke and haze.


19 thoughts on “Wildfires Stop 4 No Man…or Woman

  1. I am blown away by your talent and genius. Didn’t find one piece that I didn’t like or love. This is art that I would purchase in a heartbeat. Everything is clicking: the art, the website, the graphics, the layout is simple and elegant, The naming of your pieces is whimsical and fresh. I am so happy that I have seen your work. I have bookmarked your website to return for inspiration. I want to continue to look at and study your work.
    A WWF friend

    • Pat:
      Thank you very much…living artists as a rule never see the full benefits of their impact on others…however in the age we live in now, it is easier to reach out and meet people and receive feedback that you couldn’t have 20 years ago…appreciate your visit and your words humble me, and make it easier to stay at creating art.
      Ken Knieling
      Thank you.

  2. This piece is pretty cool. Love the use of color and the triangles give it a lot of motion. Been fun looking around your blog…some pretty neat stuff. Thanks for following my blog, by the way!

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