Where Is The Hamm’s Bear


15 x 20 in. mixed media on illustration board.

People that know me may not realize I was born in St. Paul Minnesota, land of more lakes than you can count…or the land of sky blue waters…wait that is the Hamm’s famous saying for their beer. This might explain why I drift back to these type of scenes when doing my bubble trees. At least that is what my shrink might say, after digging into my colorful mind….that is if I had a shrink. Haven’t gotten to that point yet, and I know this why? Because my work hasn’t gone Dali or Gogh yet, well maybe skirting it a little occasionally. At any rate this piece is the largest bubble tree i have done to date, other than taking longer than normal, process was the same…I did add some non-organic structures to this piece tho. All my others in this series were free of this  and rock pads just seemed right.

Oh, a little factoid when using cold pressed board…if you use anything very chemical based or solvents, gesso it first…otherwise paper might/will de-laminate…hot press has been fine so far with my mediums…this was the first time I had used cold press…LIFE IS ABOUT LEARNING 😉


26 thoughts on “Where Is The Hamm’s Bear

  1. Powerful work! I am impressed with your abstract pieces. I like how your blog is set up also! Im new to blogging, but I’ve been meaning to put up some of my work too! I’ve only used colored pencils and pastels, lol. I have great respect for painting; It is some hard work, takes a lot of time, and practice is a must! I always used to watch Bob Ross. He makes it look so easy!

  2. Like both of the variations, but I think I prefer this one. What we see, when we look closely at work we’ve done, is very subjective… and usually others don’t see it the same way. Thank you very much, Ken, for coming by my site, and giving me this opportunity to get to know you.

  3. Thanks for the like and follow. Not Dali or Van Gogh, more Klee with some Picabia and Miro with a smidgen of Schiele. Good show! Clever titles too. Plus I’ve not heard of the Hamm’s bear in 40 years, since watching The Pack with my father and his pals. But they drank Tavern Pale, as it was cheaper.

  4. I loved the Hamm’s Bear! That dates me, doesn’t it? I haven’t found him in your painting yet, but I’m not deterred – I will find him!

  5. Ken,

    This work is great. Love the geometry of it. I would be interested to know more about your latest works. What are your favorite materials to work with? I too am into collage and transfer methods. Thanks for checking out and following my blog. Have a good one.


    • Canvas doesn’t have the feel for me and the control i want…normal i work from a drafting table…that being say, most of my works have been heavy papers, the type that can take some abuse without boring holes in them. Past that ink, markers, colored pencils, acrylics, and white pens…my surfaces are laden normally with enough finishes i could use them for place settings…haven’t used a transfer technique in ages, but remember it has some great effects in combination with other mediums. Lines play such a strong presence in my work, i have to guard against over play or make them so important to the look that they are over-looked ( make sense?)
      Appreciate your comments Alexander

      • Ah i know what you mean. I hardly use canvas and actually prefer to do much of my work on heavy watercolor or printmaking papers or just directly onto wood surfaces. Definitely takes some abuse when i work on the surfaces as well. Very true about the combination with other media. That definitely makes sense about the overplay. It’s a learning process and a push and pull. You’re welcome. Talk soon.

  6. I have a food blog and one of the places we frequent is called Ward6 in St. Paul. It’s the old Hamm’s Brewery bar. I always sing “from the land of sky blue waters” on the way there and it stays stuck in my head for hours. Your painting is beautiful. Feel free to check out my blog and you’ll see a review on it.

    • Lived in that area for all of 6 months…folks were in the Air Force…did visit once with my wife and found the hospital i was born in…stayed in downtown Minneapolis, cool place with sky walks. Thank you for your comments

    • It is something that I seem to lean on in several of my pieces, guess it must be the architect in me (or i have a secret desire to make coloring books 😉 …appreciate the nice comment, thank you.

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