Coral Split

coralsplitW9×12 in. mixed media.

Doing ocean floor themed pieces with my Octopi pal is fun…and this one is no exception. The focus on most of these pieces is the coral and then the octopi…and as is with all of these so far an old wrecked ship lurking in the background…used to think I was going over the top with my color on the octopi, until i watched a PBS special…if anything I am understating the shocking bright neon colors these animals can produce.

Nothing deep to doing these, just pure enjoyment in the process and time spent.


19 thoughts on “Coral Split

  1. I like it. I can see the enjoyment and fun you had in it.. They’re beautiful.. They look like one in children’s story books I like. do you happen to do illustration of children’s story books?

    • I have, but so far just at a gallery and the rare art fair. I am trying to get a site going with prices of my gallery or works…I say trying, it is still in my mind…haven’t quite figured out logistics of getting paid and sending pieces yet. But it is a goal of before the end of summer…send me an e-mail, i will give you first shot at it when i get this figured out. Thanks

    • I appreciate it Summer, but I don’t do awards…thanks for thinking of my site…i will continue to hopefully put forward art and words that people find interesting enough to view and read in the future.

      • I understand and ofcourse have respect of the way you do your things. Keep on sharing your good things. Have a peaceful day

  2. Another awesome piece… I like the contrast between the background and the octopi.. I love how you fill the space with the dots and circles and rings, fantastic! They really are amazing creatures… so much we don’t about them still

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