Aluminum Ball No.21 On Brown


14.5 x 20.5 in. ink and pencil on special paper.

I was working in an aluminum manufacturing foundry when I saw a sheet of this usual packing paper…I believe it has some properties to prevent moisture, which may explain why it took so many coats of acrylic finish.  At any rate I managed to find a sheet in one piece and set it aside…come forward a couple of years later and I found a good use for it. I love the texture and it was a nice challenge to lay color down and not damage the surface, specially the pencils. The title speaks a little to its history as well as the content…this was the last of a three-piece series…sometimes the ideas come so fast for me, I do a few and then it’s on to the next idea bouncing around my mind…who knows if I return to these type/style of pieces, time will tell.


12 thoughts on “Aluminum Ball No.21 On Brown

  1. Ken, do you prep your works for showing? What do you do with this motherlode of art?! I imagine your living spaces covered in color and pattern….!! –Laurel

    • I don’t have as many as you think up and around the house, maybe a dozen…as to prep for displaying, yes i have a process and currently make most of my own frames, besides the ones i have collected in the past few years and i have a matte board cutting station i built. Not big on putting glass over my works as that hides the nice textures. Space? So far not an issue, surprisingly!…but most pieces i do go straight to the canvas little to none sketches or layout work (no additional papers laying around to clutter up my space) and i do have a nice unfinished basement space to play in, maybe 400-500 square feet. Alas i have had but a few shows guess i am still an undiscovered talent, this blog is my main form of public display at present…not counting sketchbooks I have about 100 pieces not on this site yet. I started doing art with a passion again just 3 years ago, guess i have had a lot of stuff pent-up in my mind…makes me wish i had started back again sooner…but the important part is i am creating now.
      Thanks for your questions Laurel 🙂

      • When the time is right, you have the body of work ready for a show! Plus you have very good photos ready. All of a sudden, everything will come together.

        That’s a great idea to collect frames as you find good ones. Ken, I have questions about the finishing process–would you have the interest/time to direct me to sources so I can learn about finishing various pieces? My mother wants one, but I know just enough that I should protect the surface… and sign it… and… !! arrrggggh!

      • Depends on the medium…most of my works surface is heavy with matte or satin or gloss acrylic protective finish (could use them as fancy coasters…lol). i control any bleed as i go on my permanent marker inks other medias not as touchy, however those protective finishes can be applied in several coats very lightly and do the job. Past that depending on where it is hung glass is nice for cleaning and such, framing shops charge a fortune but to do a complete job but sometimes that is the best. it all depends on what you are willing to take on and do yourself…doable for most artist.

      • i am sure there may be books, however youtube and internet can provide a wealth of information and demos…pretty much what i do when stumped.

      • Will look for youtube videos–good idea! Thank you. I think I have to learn some particular vocabulary so my searches are effective.

  2. I like this piece, the semi-transparent shapes, overlapping; It’s mechanical, in a soothing way, not unlike ideas bouncing around, that first burst of inspiration. I know exactly what you mean about getting an idea, then moving quickly onto the next. Great work!

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