Earth, Wind and Fire…on Moonrise

Earth, Wind, and Fire...

9×12 in. mixed media on watercolor paper.

I have never seen one in person and don’t real know if i care too, but from pictures I have seen forest fires create eerie landscapes to be sure. This was a piece inspired by my sister, who is part of the army of people working for the government that fight these bad boys. I can only imagine the fury and destruction they cause…but in a sense it is also about rebirth and transformation, things that forest areas have been doing for thousands of years…and will continue to do long after we are gone. She is starting to gather a small collection of these, I believe she has three now, from a series of three!!! My favorite one was HAUNTING AFTERMATH.


16 thoughts on “Earth, Wind and Fire…on Moonrise

  1. I will follow you now — I enjoyed looking at your posts and your art (you had “liked” my post.) I read about you, and I, too, am a recovering architect. It took me one whole year to break free and get movement into my paintings! Now I am trying to move into a place where my art supports me with $$. Enjoy your work and your writing about it.

  2. “Good” forest fires result in creative destruction. That is, what is left indeed becomes the raw materials to be reborn into a young, diverse forest. (as long as the forest hasn’t been ove-rmanaged past its maturity to contain so much fuel that it burns deep into the soil so there is no raw material left )Some say this is true for societies too.

  3. This is lovely work and I agree bush fires (as we call them here in Australia) leave some amazing landscapes. I love your use of colour in this piece and the work is fresh and lively. Thank you for posting!

  4. What beautiful work, i believe your colours highlighted the beauty of what we have here on earth. At the same time how fast we can loose it. Beautiful combination of colours. Thank you

  5. this is hauntingly beautiful ) and my sister and her house were saved by just such heroes, as she lives at the base of a mountain in az and has had horrible fires on the mountain.

  6. Love it. I have seen some stunning skies from forest fires, but have always resisted painting because for most these are not associated with good memories. However your painting does not look obviously like a forest fire, it is just beautiful.

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