Benji Doesn’t Work Here, But We Feed Him


18×28 in. mixed media on canvas. Naming works is an art in it’s self, or at least it seems. Some artists I talk to spend very little time on naming a piece and just want to get it over with. Why? We spend so much time making something that is linked in some fashion and form to our name, why not give it it’s due. For myself once a piece is finished i want to spend time with it and enjoy it’s presence…it is during this time thoughts of what to call it drift around my head. I write them out on my work pad,or a scrape piece of paper while I am wandering the bins at Lowes, sometimes one begets another and several names later I wonder how I got to this title…but once I place the label to the piece, rarely does it change, it fits like a favorite pair of jeans…just right. When you get down to it a title can help the artist give the viewer some insight into their vision and from that point look at it maybe in a different way…trying to understandwhat in the heck was going thru the artist’s head…lol πŸ˜‰
PS…This piece was about my factory experience and done with the style/commerical art I was into at the time. Believe it or not all of that equipment, I operated at some point in time while working there (Right Donnie?). The title nails it for me.


36 thoughts on “Benji Doesn’t Work Here, But We Feed Him

  1. Thank you for the follow – happily, that led me here!…I really like this piece as well as its title. I enjoyed reading about the naming process. I’m looking forward to many more visits to your blog πŸ™‚

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  3. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I don’t know the first thing about art, but always love to admire the hard work that goes into making a piece. The title of this one is what drew me to the post…enjoyed your explanation of how you title your pieces. Very interesting!

  4. Ken, I love this piece. First of all, even though I tend to be a “girly, girl”, I love the industrial look and feel. Second, I love the fact that you took care of a seemingly stray animal at work! If you want to see an interesting story about another sad dog, read my post “Fifty for Rosalie” and click on the link to He’Art of Rescue that is in the blog. Blessings, Helen

  5. Really like the movement in this piece. Wants me to know more about Benji!
    I really appreciated you talking about naming a piece. I usually go with just the mood I’m in or what happened in my life the day I did the piece of art. Thank you for the incite…I will think more about naming my work from now on!

  6. thanks for checking out my site and following ken – i’m glad you went back to your passion, your art, it’s clear you were meant for it – best, beth

  7. That is truly original, I love to draw and this is inspiring! I doodle more than anything and this make me feel like I should keep trying things out, cause your art reminds me of thoughts and imaginations.

  8. Thank you for following my blog. I hope you find it interesting enough to visit often. I’m not an artist or artistic but love your work. So out of the box and outside the lines. πŸ™‚ I’ll check back in to see what else you are doing.

  9. Spot on! Sometimes a great title (at least I think so!) for my images/blog posts spring to mind and, as you say, fit perfectly. Other times they don’t and I end up with nothing more than a label 😦

  10. It’s interesting to read how a great artist feels in the presence of his art ! Both your artwork and its title are fabulous ! Thank you so much for the follow ! Artistic thoughts from Marseille, France !

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