Reflecting on a series


6 Mixed media pieces on heavy stock colour paper coated with polyurethane.

Haven’t got any big pieces in process currently, so I thought it might be nice to review a series that was inspired by the fall, leaves and water. The part I am most proud of  was staying within the original idea yet having different looks. Schooled and practiced painters may find this second nature, for myself it was a challenge. The first in this series is the one on the top right, and the last was a bit of a cop-out by just going black and white. I have displayed them as a unit/series once and it felt good. Each has a story as to why it is different from the last, maybe at a one man show I might get an opportunity to bore someone… 😉   As a normal course  of artistic creativity I tend to jump around a lot, which keeps me from being bored and juices flowing, but at some point I want to explore where some pieces might lead me. We may never create the next world’s masterpiece but if we don’t stretch with the creative spark we achieve, how will we know what is possible? Curious how others feel about this, feel free.


19 thoughts on “Reflecting on a series

  1. Noticed you just started following my blog via my SmartPhone notifications thru WordPress. Had to sign back on my lap top to take a closer look. I attented the School of Art and Design out of New York City to study to become an illustrator. Left school in the middle of the 11th grade to join the AIr Force at 17. My art is now my poetry but the blessings of my life has lead me to be a collector of sorts. Love your work. Is it possible for you to price your work, sell on line, and ship?

    • Hello John:

      Nice to meet a fellow artist, especially with USAF roots (I was a USAF military brat). At present I have never sent work by mail, but i am in a process to figuring how to do such as my collection of works grows as I continue to get inspired by life. The blog you are seeing has a picture of most of my works by name…I haven’t priced them but if you have some pieces you are interested in shoot me an e-mail ( and i can let you know their prices. I hope my pictures give you a good view of my details and texture when you keep clicking on them.
      Regardless if you buy or not your comments are food for my creative mind, that I have genuine fans of my work, and it inspires me to continue with my art…

      thanks so much.
      Ken Knieling

    • Canvas shoes or for that matter leather seems to be a going item for creative artists…i was surprise when i first started how many people were doing it…the limit is your creativity and imagination…plus how cool is it to wear art !!!

  2. Doing a series of work is a great way to not only explore some subject further, but also to stretch yourself. The key, I think, is to keep evolving as an artist. pushing yourself. It seems to me that that’s where the masterpieces come from.

thanks for feedback/comments

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