North Fork 10 A.B.

12×20 in. mixed media. With the increase of wildfires we are lucky that Mother Nature still has the ability to come back after these events. To come thru these same areas several years later is to but marvel at Mother Nature’s skills to heal and regrow. Even with this amazing transformation closer examination shows the scars still left, showing to all what happened here. This piece kind of feels like a forest area attempting to heal itself yet still dealing with the past events. The colors show hope for a bright future yet some colors also show the deadly past this forest area has dealt with. Kind of like some of humanities history any place in the world…sad yet hopeful for a better future. As for a clue to the title try 1988 Yellowstone area.


27 thoughts on “North Fork 10 A.B.

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  2. Ken, I’ve enjoyed looking through your site, but particularly love the mood of this one, which has a beautiful sense of the interior exposed outwards to the distance; I enjoy the fusing of colours, light and form. I have a question though: do you not worry about the copyright on the internet, or do you see it as a matter of promotion? I have a few paintings of my own to put up on my blog ( but I’m concerned about losing control over the work. You must have considered this some while ago now? In any case, thank you for sharing your art in this way.

    • It did keep me from sharing for a few years but as i learned more and became comfortable with my style and works the need to share over came my fears…i guess if i became published i might be more of a target…but life is short and art is about sharing your visions…not good enough yet for people to copy and profit šŸ˜‰

    • Another thought on that subject…for me I have kept my art to myself and very few others for too many years…at some point I realized i had a need to share and seek input from other people…not being very aggressive promoting myself and such this blog seemed a nice way to come out …i have made some nice contacts and met some kindred spirits, like yourself, the blog is for now a release for me…in the future who knows if it will help me be successful…if i am not, so be it, but i will have shared my art with the world sort of speak.

      • Thanks for your considered replies, and the kindred spirit ref. Will keep an eye out for your work and promote it whenever it makes sense. If this was 1968 I’d say “Keep on truckin'” but that dates me too much…

  3. Very nice piece. Colors, style… just love it.
    It is amazing indeed how mother nature takes care… we’ve seen damage of wildfires on our travels through the SW of the U.S. and how it looks just a couple of years later.
    BTW – thanks for stopping by my little blog šŸ™‚

  4. Very powerful image Ken – especially for us at the moment with lots of bushfires around the country. The regeneration is extraordinary – fortunately eucalypts are designed to germinate and reshoot so you see this extraordinary charred black and lime green bush after most bushfires – just as you describe here. Of course the fires may be too much in some places and are not forgiving of either metal or brick – they’ve been incredibly fierce this year.

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