Windows Locked and Blinds Open


9×12 in. markers on pad board

Ever wonder what to do with the pad board when you finally finish a pad? They make a wonderful surface for markers and ink and take acrylic finishes well, leaving a nice surface finish. This is a doodle finished out and detailed to come up with this urban type setting…not sure about modern or not, but love the flow back and forth. The shapes are ones i have used in the past but never as many or varied. Without the white this may be a nice exercise but with the white i find it a fun piece to look at and drift about the composition. The silver helps and is a nice contrast to the white. Gold and copper markers contrast well with the natural color of the pad…and the black helps to finish it off. Was tempted to add letters as accents but the piece was fine without, will log that idea for the next time. Title…in a crowded city I would hope this to be true.


11 thoughts on “Windows Locked and Blinds Open

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      • Yes the brown showing thru is a great look, very organic…you might try a combination of the two medias…for example on the current piece using acrylic for the blue would give a more solid color, for contrast with the others…you can also get the same effect or slightly different by masking a section of you piece and using matte acrylic spray ( or matte fixative ), then paint…the biggest problem tho…pad backing is hard to find without using a lot of paper up 🙂 Sorry if i slipped into art teacher role, your piece is very good as is, my trouble is i am always pushing the envelope and sometimes that can ruin a piece…or?

        Thanks for sharing, i am honored that you remembered

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