My Instagram From The Loch


9×12 in. mixed media….

Gee, I posted just the work with no words and nobody called me out for it…or maybe that was a hint…lol

This was a different approach than others i have done as i started out with white on white/gesso, playing with the thick media and shaping it. Once dried the fun began again adding color here and there as the piece spoke to me…then the finial layers and massive amounts of rubbing, sanding, carving and then coloring and a finial rub…then I played with my trusty white uni-ball SIGNO…a couple of last minute color additions and clear coated for the shine. A not so instant-gram piece…title says it all, only wish i could have gotten his or her face better 😉


22 thoughts on “My Instagram From The Loch

  1. Your work is very inspiring. I wonder how some of your pieces would look like transformed into textile art. 🙂
    Thank you for following I’m following back.

  2. I love your work, I haven’t done Your kind of work in a long time…I miss it, but I am right now into digital and do love..but I do love your work…its absolutely wonderful you could inspire me to go back to it…
    Love it

  3. Thanks for following my blog … your work on this site is impressive. I look forward to checking in and seeing new entries. Cheers, Trina

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  5. This is absolutely lovely! Thank you for following my blog, I’m pleased I get to subscribe to your blog and get these awesome pictures appear on my feed 🙂 Alanna

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