Work in process

20×24 in. mixed media. Don’t usually do this but people have asked before and I am at a stall with this piece, for the moment. Education is a big part of the theme, in case no one noticed 🙂 Just airing this out for general impression or feedback…maybe a light will come on and I will finish before the next post.


9 thoughts on “Work in process

  1. I am certainly no expert. I feel a bit disconnected looking at this and wonder how the symbols, faces etc. are tied together. Or maybe they are not together?

  2. My first impression is about circles and how dominant they are as a shape. I think the two light bulbs (particularly the one on the far left) are so powerful they are drawing my eye constantly away from the other parts of the work. Do you see that too Ken?

    • Yes, i can see that…i also feel like the statue head/light color and the white reflective lighting of the woman have a similar effect too…i am fooling with the idea of white shaded boxes like window panes just left of center…thks for taking the time to comment i real appreciate it.

      • I like the idea of window frames. What about looking through the panes at the painting? i.e. a grid of window panes lightly floating above the whole thing. As if education gives you a perspective. that could tie it all together. Sometimes cutting such a thing out of paper and laying it on top will tell you if it will work. You could try lunch-wrap of something a bit translucent to approximate a thinly glazed layer hinting at a window frames/panes.

  3. I am most curious as to what part of this piece you don’t feel is finished. Perhaps it lacks a signature….
    Robert Burridge, however, would say that a painting is never finished, it just stops in interesting places.

    • Nice quote…i guess most pieces feel finished to me when they are. Something doesn’t feel finished yet, maybe its has to do with connecting the symbols or some detailing, not sure.

thanks for feedback/comments

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