A Window Cleaners Delight


9×11 in. mixed media.

High and dry again, even smells great…gotta love Mr. Clean.

Went back to some my earlier roots with this latest piece, used a heavy watercolor paper, the angles came from folds i made in the paper. Using gesso and protective finishes i kept building the shapes, color came from the not so clean brushes … using alcohol i kept filtering in the shades, during this process I accidentally picked up some paper from my blotter…which gave some nice texture so i worked with it. There is several layers of faint color laid over the whole piece using clear medium…helps fade my line work back into the work. The metal punchouts were the last addition, I didn’t want a total organic feel and felt they helped in that end. Kind of reminded me of perspective exercises I have done, thus the title ! These type of pieces always start out totally white, and that is the intent,  but color seems to always creep in before i finish. I guess if my work area was cleaner or my brushes, I might achieve my intended whiteout…oh well!


13 thoughts on “A Window Cleaners Delight

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  2. “Honour thy error as a hidden intention” was a bit of wisdom Brian Eno once gave to David Bowie in 1977 Berlin. Sometimes art seems to have a complete mind of its own! I love how you embrace that here. 🙂

  3. When I’m painting, I often find that the mistakes later become the best bit. It’s a beautiful piece of work — good on you!

  4. Love to follow and watch artists at work. I have NO artistic talents at all. I just write but recently haven’t been doing much of that. Thanks for dropping by and deciding to follow my blog. 🙂 I shall be back to read more of yours.

  5. Very unusual. I would consider one or two darker areas, to provide contrast or focus – having seen paintings with similar color schemes – from a distance they do not impel/interest the viewer as much as I am sure the artist would hope.

    • On further reflection…most of my work isn’t the type one would enjoy from a distance…in fact the close the viewer gets the more they enjoy the process that i have laid out from them … This piece is no exception, i guess in the semi-prefect world my works would be displayed in a well-lite area where the viewer could get within 3 feet of the work.

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