Avocado Recipes


11 x 14 in. mixed media.

Some pieces come to be because of the last one done…in this case i was doing Taping Down The Views and I went all circles in this piece. Lots of the same processes went into making this just like Shields. This was a phase when i used markers and acrylics and then hi-lighted back with pen work. Not sure if I could find a scene like this under a microscope…but it sure looks like it. If the shapes look a little out of sorts, they are…didn’t use aids to make perfect circles and arches, more organic this way…that’s not to say aids don’t have their place, it’s a choice.


10 thoughts on “Avocado Recipes

  1. I find this very appealing! I like how certain of the circles are paired up. And the background of what looks like a stash of avocado seeds ready to plant. Such a picture of potential… Almost feels glaactic, like planets forming… or cells and eggs!

  2. I confess that I have always been more of a realist, but I really like your work. Avocado Recipes really caught my eye. And the titles of your works are clever and whimsical. A real freshness to my morning. Welcome to Gwichyaa Zhee, Ken.

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