Yes I Know How To Spell Aluminum

20×24 in. mixed media. I be done! I’ve noticed the larger I work the longer I take to call a piece done, I mean much longer…not sure I could paint a wall. This piece was started in 1975 for my Senior Show at Ottawa University, now I can use it as a true SENIOR PIECE. I remember having a theme with education in mind, but for the life of me can’t remember what else I was going to do with it back then…what is the saying, I have slept a few times since then. What I have ended up with is a fun piece with interesting elements and good techiques. No real deep meaning or hidden message, just colorful abstract art…by the way the shadow people to the right were inspired by yearbook pictures…and yes my floating head is deep in thought and not about getting a Dr. Pepper.
PS the word was going to be ALUMNI


13 thoughts on “Yes I Know How To Spell Aluminum

  1. Thank you for this post that has me thinking to also post some long-ago pieces, whether done or in process (or incomplete/to be continued). It’s interesting to look back at work done pre-internet when there was less opportunity (and ways) to share.

  2. very cool work Ken! thanks for following vsvevg.I am going to try painting some retablo style multi media pieces soon, thankfully the style is very rustic, as I am sure my painting will be very childlike πŸ™‚ paz, abby

  3. Your art is in the eye of this ignorant viewer, marvelously eclectic yet resolving into a setting that is just right. Sometimes my writing does the same, much to my surprise.

  4. Intriguing piece and an equally intriguing account of how it came about.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. it is much appreciated. πŸ™‚

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