10×12 in. mixed media. Sometimes taking a simple shape and using it over and over can produce interesting results if you let your mind enjoy it. In my ink and marker period repeating a shape, and in this case a shield outline, over and over lead me towards a design. Using my full pallet of colors squares began to show up. Then once they took over I stayed with them around the edges. These generally are works that I become so involved with to smallest detail, time seems to stand still and before I know it the sun is peaking in the window and 12 hours have gone by. These are the times when I know I enjoy what I am doing…there are other things in life just as important to enjoy, but it is rewarding to know that making art is one of them.


55 thoughts on “Shields

  1. This is gorgeous…I love that you’ve taken a simple shape and made it into something really interesting. This is the kind of art that encourages me. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    • That is the cool thing about putting something down, it wide open as far as content, but you the artist put the little something extra into you subject…then sit back and enjoy the view. I will admit sometimes the view isn’t what you expect, that’s why you keep creating. Thanks for visiting and I appreciate the comments.

  2. Hey Ken, thanks for checking out BLURPPY.COM the other day. We just posted an article about your “SHIELDS” piece. We love it! Have an amazing weekend and stay awesome!

  3. I love this! To me, they look like little doors waiting to be opened. Definitely one of those pieces that I could look at for a long time and not get even slightly bored. Excellent work!

  4. Hi, Ken! Glad to have a new friend! Please check out my sister’s blog when you have time. She’s the knowledgeable one. I on the other hand, hardly; but I know what I like 😀 “Dorothy Santos is…”

  5. Hello Ken,
    I noticed you followed our blog and I came here to see yours and was pleasantly surprised at all your beautiful artwork. Your colors and designs are amazing. A true joy to look at!

  6. I’m a HUGE fan of abstract and I would definitely call this abstract and beautiful. This is something that I would happily stare at for as long as it took you to paint! I came by to repay a visit and I’m glad I did. You’re visions are great!! =)

  7. This is an example of the kind of artwork that I would really enjoy looking at. I know that you said it took you over 12 hours to do, which seems about right, because time kind of goes away when you’re painting. It’s funny, because I am not exactly a good artist. I don’t know, something causes me to tense up when drawing.

    That’s why I’m kind of jealous. You were able to work on a piece of art for over twelve hours, and that feeling must have been great. As for me, I wouldn’t mind looking at a painting like this for 12 hours. I could probably get lost in the endless detail, and the analysis would go on forever.

    Ha. I guess I got a bit carried away there. Sorry about that. Oh, and one more thing: I found your blog because you liked a poem that a wrote. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that. It made my day.

    • Works both ways, thank you. As for getting tense just relax, relax, relax…now breath…just remember unless you are doing art to get paid or put food on the table no reason to be tense… besides 1.)we make art for ourselves 2.)and loved ones 3.)and don’t have to share unless we want to 🙂

      • Haha. Yes, thank you knieling2012. Relaxation is key. I think I’ll try my hand at some figure sketches today. Drawing people is probably the only thing that I am somewhat good at. Keep up the great art, dude. You’re awesome.

  8. After posting my recent comment about “Little boxes” I went back to look at the painting again and I can see lots of growth in the north east, and west coast with the mid west just barely getting population. It definitely speaks to me. Thanks again.

  9. Really nice work. I’d be interested to know what the mixed media is. It looks like you may have a bunch of relatively transparent layers. Thanks for sharing your art.

      • Alcohol washs…Hmm. was that on the canvas or in you? What I saw in the painting the minuite it came up was the song by Pete Seeger “Little boxes, little boxes…”. To me it was the population growth of the cities. Great piece. Thank You.

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  11. Really like this – just so much detail and depth and layers….what I always strive for but don’t always achieve!!!

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