The Show Is Starting


16×20 in. mixed media on illustration board

Things are getting exciting around here, I am having an artist reception at our local gallery here in Cookeville. (Art a’ la Carte ) Not sure the town is excited, but we are around the house, have to get some good finger food and few last-minute details ready for Friday evening.  The art looks good hanging all together, like a gathering of … well you get the idea. Hopefully I won’t talk people’s’ ears off too much.

As for my latest piece to post, it a continuation of Lines Too Storm. Layers and layers of weather coming in, each different in color and shape.  Had several more overhead lines in this originally but it just didn’t look right, so I had to cover and redo most of the middle…but that isn’t why the darker colors are there. They were always part of the original concept/idea i had for this piece. I have several more ideas along these lines,no pun intended, I will keep you posted as they come to life.

Speaking of storms, the weather is supposed to be a better than fair chance of rain…which will keep people away no doubt…maybe i will catch a break.  At any rate the show will stay up until early December, so that will make up for the bad weather. Nice to talk to people about your art but more important/meaningful to get people to view what you have done.


22 thoughts on “The Show Is Starting

    • I am sure there is several opinions on this, but i feel abstract works allow the artist a larger palate to expression feelings,emotions, moods, and actions…but then most of what i do is of the abstract nature so i am a little biased.. 😉

      • lol…I think every artist will have their own thoughts when it comes to the art they do and why…I tend to agree with your interpretation though, makes sense. I look forward to more…

  1. I like the fact that you want to talk to people about your work. People really like that, you know. They want to know what you were thinking when you did the piece. Once when I exhibited in NYC, I was talking to some people and pointing out things and someone from the sidelines said, “Who does she think she is?” So there are two sides. But I think in general, people enjoy it. BTW, I like this one. I like the power lines! Have fun at the opening!

    • We do what we do…never does it cross our minds this piece will be loved by everyone or even respected…for someone to speak up loud enough to be heard at your show is just plain lack of manners or respect for their fellow humans, sorry that you had that happen at what should have been a celebration of your efforts and expression. Thank you for the kind feedback and comments.

  2. Hi Ken, how are you doing?

    Man, I was just looking for a piece of “rainy” art to illustrate a post in my literacy blog… ( And then this came into my inbox. 😛 Beautiful, beautiful work…

    I want to know if you could allow me to use a low-resolution version of this at my blog linking my visitors to you here. If so I would feel thankfully honored. 🙂

    Cheers, keep up the great work!

    Juliano, Brazil

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