Lines Too Storm


15 x 19.5 in mixed media on illustration board.

I was driving through a nice afternoon rain shower and noticed how the sky was starting to open up. The sight real caught me as magical, rain was still coming down hard and yet grey grey everywhere except in this small portion of sky. When I see opportunities to observe what nature provides/skies I am usually driving so the overhead lines seem to always seek part of the stage. Darn things seem to always ruin the view…. however  this time the contrast between thick and thin lines made the scene complete in my mind’s eye. As is my style the surface has quite a bit of texture, especially since the blues seemed too strong until I covered the whole piece with white tissue paper…got my colors right and got a lot of texture to boot. Not sure I am out of my slow period yet, but this is a nice start.


25 thoughts on “Lines Too Storm

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  2. So true about the power lines! And so funny to see this today…just the other day I took a bunch of photos with the power lines as the main focus on a cloudy day, they were presenting an interesting line into the future with the dark clouds all around them. I like your painting 🙂

  3. An interesting picture in that nothing in it is quite obvious and therefore open to interpretation. I like how the circles could be either clouds or bubbles! And the background would be nothing without those foreground lines. Nice choices!

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