Ya Know Why Squirrels Lose Acorns

9×11 mixed media on watercolor paper.
Discovered some watercolor paper I had purchased from a Ben Franklin store in Topeka, most likely early 80’s…figured that based on the price of $2.65 for a pad of 20 sheets of 9×12. 80lb. stock. It is holding up to my techniques pretty well, normally I would prefer a heavier weight. Matters not as it works and having it in my hands I am making art…not sure if the dry streak is totally over, but it is a start…by the way I did do a 8th finger piece, I will save it for a later post.
Why do squirrels lose acorns? I think they are having so much fun gathering them, finding cool hiding places, teasing dogs, chasing other squirrels that once they go to sleep and wake up the next day its like “Groundhog Day”, …but with no recall of yesterday! I guess that’s just a nicer way of saying scientifically they have no memory of their stash, thus they gather hundreds…in hopes of finding dozens.


29 thoughts on “Ya Know Why Squirrels Lose Acorns

  1. Where do you get the titles for your artwork?
    How would you define your style?
    Do you also do photography?
    You might like PhotosThatInspireWords.wordpress.com.
    hanks for following Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate.
    You are very talented!

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

    • Thank you Paulette,

      I try to live with the piece before giving it a title, that means as little as hours to days…the title i believe come from my life experiences or at least my view and wit of it.
      I think i am a “conflicted abstractionist,” just made that up but it fits most of the time,,,i like color,mixing medias, and detail beyond what most people realize in my works.(i will fuss over a half-inch area at times for hours) But i could live with being considered an abstract artist. I don’t share my photos but i have thousands…a photo can capture what the eye sees but play it back so much better than the mind’s memory.
      I will check your site out for sure…thanks again.

  2. Love your work. I’m an artist, too, but haven’t painted or sculpted for 5 years…..some Fruedian thing about my Father dying 5 years ago. I love writing tho….makes me smile, while art had lately created angst. You know what they say, if it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it. I have a boatload of watercolor supplies waving at me from the cupboard, tho, and I’m starting to wave back….tentatively. Following your blog because I haven’t seen art like yours in a while, and it may inspire me again! Hope u don’t mind being used lol!

    Thank you for visiting my blog, mylifewithwieners.
    I’m not sure what brought u there, but I assume you like dogs? :). And now I’m going to peruse your site, I feel there are many delights coming my way!

    • Thank you Ann…yes I like dogs and cats, but dogs first…other than bits and pieces i retired from finished art pieces many, many years ago…family, life, and work took over my world…had a health event 3+ years ago and started again with a renewed viewpoint, easy too when others compliment your efforts…if any of my works or words help get ya going again, by all means muse me…ok bad pun 😉 enjoy the roam thru my works and let me see your efforts once ya get going again. Thank you, Ken

  3. I must say…wonderful! Daring color and shape play! You brought the idea to live, Ken! Can’t stop looking at this piece 🙂

    • It will be coming to you and others at Target or Walmart in glossy poster format….sorry just kidding…however I hope to have my personal gallery up and running early this summer, with prices and such, Until then I can be found at the Art Ala Carte in Cookeville,Tennessee….can you believe it has been a whole year since I started this blog, I was a afraid I wouldn’t be able to get 2 or 3 posts a month…now 110+ posts later…WOW time does move…and encouragement and comments from fellow artist such as yourself keeps me going, BIG THANKS. By the way I firmly believe the dry stretch was a result of me trying too hard and doing larger pieces…I seem to operate better in the 16 by 20 or smaller range…for now…just wish that 36 by 48 inch blank canvas would stop sticking it’s tongue out at me 😉

      • Maybe that’s my problem as well. I have a bunch of larger canvases that I’ve started and can’t seem to finish. I’ve also just celebrated my first anniversary with my blog and I remember feeling exactly the same way. I set a goal to reach 10 000 views and 300 followers by the end of the month and I’m almost there.

      • good goal you can do it, just a matter of finding people that want to look and follow, just don’t let numbers be a defining point,it’s still good art if only a few see ya or a million (course a million helps our artist egos )…… currently those larger canvases make great light reflectors for picture taking…lol

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