5 What


11 x 18 in. mixed up media.

Every artist has pieces that never work out as well as they want. The masters just painted over them until they liked it enough to keep…I don’t by any stretch compare myself to them, but I am an artist…and I have pieces that don’t appeal to me as well as others…I present you with “5 What”, this has been worked many times until I just stopped..Sorry Mr. Robert Indiana, I couldn’t pull it off.  Why show it? Because I think it is important as artist we don’t take ourselves too seriously and keep our ego in check, Besides I did have fun doing this piece.The background is interesting , all lines are actually hundreds and hundreds of fives done in many colors, then a tissue paper over lay. But even tho this piece wouldn’t make my top 10, or 50 or 100…it wasn’t wasted time. We prefect our craft by doing, at an earlier age i might have painted over this or torn it up and used pieces for something else…but this piece holds a more meaningful place among my works…my example/reminder of effort/ not quitting, every effort is worth my time…who knows this might be a perfect fit for Sesame Street 😉


3 thoughts on “5 What

  1. Thanks for stopping by and following our blog. That gave me the opportunity to see your amazing art and read the stories behind them. I like that you talked about the personal effort that went into 5 What as it kind of sums up life in general. So many things don’t turn out as we envision but the takeaway lessons … I look forward to seeing more of your work. Anita @ No Particular Place To Go

  2. Reblogged this on productivemonkey and commented:
    Dear Ken, I prefer you other pictures which may confirm your feelings about this one “don’t working out” buth you remarks hit the point: Sometimes you have to forget the (big?) ego and declare it done. You’ve learned – even if it’s not good (in your eyes/ears) – so, you improved or just learned about yourself a little bit more. Time well spent from my point of view.

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