My Blue Ball


16×20 in. acrylic on canvas.

Pretty basic stuff here, but never the less a nice journey playing with light and color. This is a piece that looks good from afar or up close. Thought I might get cutesy with the title but then that would take away from the intent…sweet and simple.ย  Someday maybe this will be “Knieling’s Blueboy”, a classic from the reknown artist from Kansas. ๐Ÿ˜‰


20 thoughts on “My Blue Ball

  1. i love the detail in the blue, looks like it’s been through some things in life, like the wrinkles on a person’s face ) nice piece – beth

  2. I’m really liking hte texture and ‘marbling’ in the ball… the light, shadow, reflected light, awesome piece. Cheers ~scott

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