Over Nemaha County @ 3900 Feet


15×20 in. mixed media on illustration board.
LONGER EXPOSURE AND DIFFERENT LIGHTING, BETTER PHOTO,TRY CLOSE-UP NOW. When I published this newer photo it deleted everyones likes and comments that were on at the time, SORRY,my bad...
Found some long forgotten hot pressed illustration board and it is wonderful to work with using my medias. After playing with a few colors I set out to make use of the play piece, hate to waste anything…must be GREEN as possible. For days I kept at clouds, sky, and farm land before it came to focus in my mind. Rectangles! The patchwork land from above is rectangles, the sky is one big rectangle on the canvas…why not make the clouds out of many rectangles…and who wouldn’t want to fly in a rectangular shaped balloon. Everything seemed to fit and I got a little inventive making the balloons from triangles so to play with colors. I must admit it took me hours to settle on the balloon colors, and only when I used white for the middle 3 did it come together for me. From a distance the clouds seem very cloudly 🙂 shaped, but as in most of my works you need to get up close and personal to see what is happening. I am pretty pleased with it…EXCEPT…Part of my vision was to use netting below the balloon with another shape for the gondola…MIGHT STILL HAPPEN or MAYBE DO ANOTHER PAINTING WITH THAT IDEA…I guess I need to live with this piece for awhile and see what speaks to me.


15 thoughts on “Over Nemaha County @ 3900 Feet

  1. This is like two completely different pictures when looked at small and large – – and both pictures are excellent. The breathiness is what I llke most, and the contrast between the textures and forms. I’d love to see the netting in another piece.

  2. Art has so many different forms. Yours was one I had not discovered. Thanks for visiting me and the like of my post “Trains – Up and Under” which enabled me to find you.

  3. This painting is really engaging Ken. I have enjoyed being transported up to that height! Love that airy view of the landscape and the crispness of the ‘balloons’ as a contrasting compositional element.

  4. An interesting explanation of the process of creation. Full size it appears to have strong texture not seen when viewed small. My first thoughts on viewing it were of flying kites, as many years ago I had a box kite, and they are rectangular.

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