Blue Ball No.5 On White


11 x  18 in.  ink and pencil on texture paper.

One of a series of three I did using shapes, shades and the color of the paper. I let the circles influence the shape of the rectangles and kinda went from there. When I was in shop class many years ago we worked with plastics, layering them together and making items from those colorful sheets. I remember how cool the colors were when they overlapped, alast I never had the money to try anything with them back then.  So one might see my thinking when playing with these shapes and colors.  Each one was a playful experience and time flew during the process, completion came when it didn’t make sense to add more. Title? Well i did grow up in the 60’s & 70’s so it fit with that period in my mind.



12 thoughts on “Blue Ball No.5 On White

    • Great insight, thank you … the funny thing about these type of works you can do a hundred and only 10 with really ring home with the observer, and only 1 or 2 will only be truly great pieces…but all were a journey of fun and artistic expression of the artist.

    • I am flattered by such a comparison, thank you…I have heard that before on this series, good observation. If you go to my post on “1st finger”, you can see the 25 artist i feel that have influenced me the most…if i was to have a top 40 Wassily K. would have made the cut…so many great artist and only 25 spots…needless to say I love his work…99% of the time i do what i do, the fact it favors past greats truely is an accident, but art and the creation of it is so intuitive that i feel if you do enough of one thing (squares and circles, similar media) artists will overlap at some point…then it is about the execution of the piece that will differ the artist. Had a great teacher in college that taught me after months of trying to be original, just be you and your art will develope from that, easy for him to say I however was on a quest to be the next great whatever of whatever… i declared several times I finially got it, I am original and unique and he would lead me to the library and show me an artist that had done similar stuff way before my time…Thanks Joe Hutchinson 🙂 .I Was fustrated for quite awhile, but once I realised Joe’s point creation became so much easier, but I was stubborn enough I got to know the library too well before Joe’s point stuck home.
      Long story short, I love Kandinsky too and am very flattered to be compared, thank you.

    • Not sure which piece(s) has your eye but send me an e-mail…as of yet i haven’t developed a site with prices and such, mainly because i am not sure how to do it…bad businessman but an OK artist…lol It is a goal tho.

      Thank you very much for liking my work enough to even inquire, i am flattered.

  1. Hi Ken – haven’t been here for a while – must catch up on what you’re doing. I like the way that the work feels quite soothing although it is created from quite regular shapes – nice rhythm happening perhaps

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