Thanks 2013


Size TBD, same with medium, currently a photo by K.Knieling 2013

Had to post on this last glorius day of 2013…so what to post? I have several blank canvases,… lots of sketchbook stuff (dated),… and hundreds of photos that may or may not inspire a piece. So I have gone the photo route,… as i know this one will be piece I am sure to tackle in 2014. Kansas farm land winter of 2013, in good old Nemeha County (Pony Express Route) near the Nebraska border.

I also want to post to thank all of you, for taking the time to journey through my BLOG these past 2 years. Your comments, likes, and visits have been a big boost to my creativity, and I appreciate you.

I am looking forward to 2014 & whatever my steady left hand (with an occasional aid from the right also) may come up with. This may be the year i do a selfie on canvas…after all, any artist at some point in time is required to do this…right?



16 thoughts on “Thanks 2013

  1. Doing a self portrait is a very worthwhile subject. It might be to your advantage to do a number of portraits of other people before you tackle your own. The picture above has a lot of potential. I have a feeling it should have been a bit wider. Have a very good and productive new year.

    • I wish i still used film, as that camera has a great 28mm lens and you are right the scene would have been better…but hey, you make do … good point about doing several portraits before tackling THE FACE. Will have to think about tho as sometimes i tend to jump in the deep end first…can have amazing results (good and bad) Shimon i appreciate your comments, thanks

  2. Thank you Ken, I wish you the best for this new year 2014
    Could you please tell me what a is selfie? is it un autoportrait, comme on dit dans ma langue maternelle.

    I invite you to visit me on my blog sometime, someday i would be pleased, take care !

    • Was a play on words, sort of..a selfie is what the younger generation refers to taking your own picture with a camera held at arms length. Count on me dropping by, for sure…thanks Louise, and hope the the new year is off to a great start for you.

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