BS or Art

8.5×11 in. pen and ink.
This is the second one done during my downtime while at this past years art prowl. The subject was actually from some words I had put on my blotter, “art can be elusive,” in my basement studio.(by the way that is my blotter in the background on this photo) While thinking about that this piece took form…drawing about words I try to link most objects, although it isn’t a hard fast rule. In fairness to the process this was finished at my desk and not during the art prowl…the biggest clue…note the bottle of terro, i am sure most art shows wouldn’t require it šŸ˜‰ It was just an interesting object in my line of site and filled the void presented on the paper. Same could be said about my glass of ice cold diet coke. The rest? … they are almost just positioned doodles in a pen and ink composition. But none the less these are fun to do even if all never get completed or see the light of day…lol

BS or Art? Art can be so elusive to most people, but we must all try our best. Ken Knieling 2011

PS…If it makes my work seem better to you thinking BS is short for cow manure then i am fine with it…but the truth is it stands for Bored Scribbles , used that in college and it still fits šŸ˜‰ . As to if it is ART?…well that is in the eye of the beholder, right?


28 thoughts on “BS or Art

  1. I love this kind of artwork and love doing it. Have you looked at You work reminds me of those kinds of doodles. It is good for you to work this way and good for us to enjoy the flow and textures you created.

  2. Ken: I”d post it on my wall! (and not some virtual one, but the real thing!)

    Thanks for following my blog. It means so much to me to welcome new friends. Watch for my book–July release. I think you’d appreciate it.


    • Believe it or not when you learn to draw using an ink pen, the first lines stay put, at least most of the time…then once I started doing conture type drawings it was natural…glad you picked up on the surrealism of it, good eye…thanks, enjoyed your comments.

  3. Ooo, this is cool. It made my eyes bounce all over the place; many little things to look at. Definitely had to expand the picture for a better look.The blog’s title made me raise en eyebrow. I like how the “BS” acronym means something else. I was like “ohhh, THAT’S what it means!” lol.

  4. In a way it is sad that so many people just ‘hover’ over blogs and click the like button, yet art is all about taking the time to have a look and to see. In your pictures every person could see something else, something that could surprise you, the painter. I see an ant in a sugar bowl with a large finger trying to fish it out bur failing as the ant just swim away.

      1. Thanks for observation, I am like you, when we look at things and share the results it can be very interesting…especially when you have a chance to speak with the person that created the work.
  5. I don’t know why you wouldn’t click on the image. You can barely see the detail on the homepage. I love it as well. More and more I’m experimenting with pen and ink drawings and find it very rewarding.

  6. Wow. At first glance this didn’t appeal to me personally, but when I opened the image in a separate window and started looking around it, it is most fascinating and intriguing…. drawing me in to explore and explore and reassess and review….. wow….

    • Most views I think just view my pieces from the home page, or don’t click on it again once they open the page…most like yourself, find a different piece once it is enlarged or at least see and appreciate the details i strive to achieve in my works. Thank you very much for sharing.

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