5 Finger Blues

A 9×12 mixed media.  Taking a break from my Fall series I did several pieces using watercolor paper and as this piece shows, my subject matter jumped all over the place. Sometimes just letting your mind and hand wander can be very enjoyable, since your destination isn’t planned and results aren’t as important as the journey. This is but one of a very eclectic group of pieces I did to refresh my creativity.  Yes that is finger nail polish,  it just seemed right for what I needed at the time…funny how that happen.

PS I can’t play a lick or sing anything but a misplaced note.


20 thoughts on “5 Finger Blues

    • Thank You Silvia, this is one of my favorites too, although in the early stages I wasn’t too sure how it would turn out…guess that is what the artistic process is about.

  1. “5 Finger Blues” is my favorite. I love the colors and the way the “light” shines through as if it were a cathedral ceiling. Enjoyed your blog. Let me know when your art will be at the library. I wish you the best

    • That effect wasn’t as obvious early on until I had several layers done and started picking areas to add stronger colors…after several coats of acrylic it started coming alive for me. Might have a cathedral like look but I wonder how many churches have a banjo in them? Thks for all of the likes

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