The 5th Finger

8.5×11 in. mixed media. It would be nice to have one of the big art supplier’s stores near me so I don’t have to wait for ground shipments. That is the offset of being able to get on-line and get stuff you need but the wait can be frustrating…unless you are one of the 1-%ers that have disposable income to fuel the shipping giant UPS.
Well at least with this idle time I did create another in the series of finger works. Question: if we have ten fingers, then once I reach the 10th piece, do I keep going? or do I start on toes? This piece was going to be just a simple drawing, but I couldn’t resist…had to stretch myself and add color. Got a real nice surface texture going by spraying acrylic finish from a distance, the surface took colored pencil and crayon like sandpaper but not as harsh. So waiting for supplies isn’t a total waste … 🙂


26 thoughts on “The 5th Finger

  1. Solid piece of art. Reminds me of the way I was fascinated by ad art when I was a child although I understood very little of the intended message. perhaps that’s the secret of fascination in general.

  2. Holy crow! That is gorgeous! I have a feeling I am about to get lost in your blog! I have always painted and I’m considering writing about some of my pairings.

    And yet.

    I’m nervous.

    I’m a teacher. And a writer. I don’t want people to call me an artist because I can’t do what you do. This is magnificent. Maybe I’ll just keep looking. Or maybe I’ll decide to live fearlessly.

    Nice to meet you. And thanks for the follow. I hope I don’t disappoint. 🙂 Have you ever designed book cover art?

  3. Thanks for following my blog. I too rely on buying all my supplies online. The difficulty for me is most of the cheapest supplyers want me to buy in bulk, which I can´t afford.
    I´ve just had the quickest look at some of your work, and I´ll be back later for a longer look – your work looks great and I love the colours too.
    All the best.

  4. Looks like transport-imposed deprivation enhances your creativity; that’s indeed getting more with less! Governments all seem anti-energy; that will exacerbate the costs and availability of shipping. Maybe that will extend the lives of real stores vis-a-vis buying on the Internet. Or maybe 3D printing wil grow to replace a lot of suppliers, dunno. But creative folks will create, regardless…and find ways of putting the creations in front of us. It’s part of the creativity!

  5. Hey Ken, thanks for the feedback on my Multi-Tool piece. As far as going for toes, that as we all know is a slippery slope. Hell, I can see my fingers, but haven’t seen my toes since the mid 80s. I dont know if they would even want to be seen never mind painted after all these years. Work into it slowly and hopefully the toes will come out of the darkness of shoes and socks and be your muse(s)…

  6. Very psycodellic. Don’t know if you were going for that. But the work is different and definitely a conversation piece.

  7. Thanks for subscribing to Box652. This is beautiful. Is it colored pencil and crayon? Or those *expensive* Copic markers? I wish I could do beautiful work like this.

    IMHO, go for toes. They work so hard, and get so little credit.

  8. If fingers are inspiring, you, maybe you could continue by moving on to someone else’s hands? Anyway, I love recognizable imagery, so this piece is right up my alley. It has a delightfully jittery feel: balanced, but far from static. Great color.

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