Sunset On Twin Peaks

9×12 in. mixed media.  Sometimes I try to keep it simple, especially when I am recharging the creative juices.  Tape, brush, markers, and white pen an exercise in using the tools at hand without getting too involved. A nice piece that will show well when matted and framed very simple…not sure it will match much, but it will be hard not to notice.


5 thoughts on “Sunset On Twin Peaks

  1. Ken, I truly admire what you’ve done here. The color variation you’ve selected played tricks on my eyes by making me notice what colors I can see and where the colors end and continue again. The mixture of color gradation and layering made this piece stand out while scrolling down your page.
    -Kevin Christopher @TBF

    • I really appreciate your insight and attention to the details I create that can so easily become hidden or masked by my techniques to a casual observer… a piece of art should appeal to those that want to dive in deeper and also those that just see the surface…both can enjoy and appreciate.

  2. I am amazed at the creativity of true artists. I happen to live on a mountain, surrounded by mountains and feel lucky enough to see the real deal most days of the year. Still, your talent and eye are absolutely inspiring and remind us that everyone has a unique vision. I so appreciate yours!

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