The Primrose Path Ahead

9×12 in. mixed media. The tissue paper is almost not existent in this piece, but believe me the bold pink paper is there under several layers of work. Did quite a bit of sanding and carving through the surface of this piece. I let the finial few layers fill the gouges with their color as the under layers didn’t pop as much as I would like. Might not show very well in the pic but I have a fair amount of fine white and black lines near the surface. The theme in this carries forward my use of circles and angles quite well and with the mix of mat board pieces the texturing is very nice. The title? It is leading towards something and red might be warning as well as orange, where green is off the path…so use caution when stepping down the yellow path laid out…works for me…what do you think?


12 thoughts on “The Primrose Path Ahead

  1. Beautiful. I love red and orange (passion! action!) and so actually felt drawn toward them rather than cautioned. Gotta love how art opens up a vast possibility of experience. Also, thank you for liking and following. Looking forward to viewing more of your work. cheers

  2. Liking the circle theme happening…am particularly attracted to them myself at the moment :)…nice sensitive touch

    • I am can honestly say they are just photo shots from my old Sony of the original pieces…which at times is flustering, since I get a reflection or the depth of color isnt right. Never thought about scanning them tho, might be too thick on some pieces…thanks for viewing

  3. I love this, I hope you won’t mind if I say it reminds me a little of Kandinsky? Can’t wait to show my daughter your work-hope it inspires her! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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