Cornsilk and Jasper Johns

9×12 in. mixed media. American flags by Jasper Johns are so iconic in modern art and I felt like doing something in that light, but different. Look close enough and you can see actual cornsilk in the piece, thought the name was just a bit of humor only…huh!  Love the colors in this and besides using the cornsilk i had, i finally found a good use of my polka-dotted tissue paper. Mixed media artists can be such hoarders, for stuff they think they might need in the future…worked for me this time.


14 thoughts on “Cornsilk and Jasper Johns

  1. I was thinking of trying to smoke corn silk as a kid. You have done much better with it. An artist I am not, colors I love, will be back to visit. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thank you for liking my blog, Ken. It has brought me to your blog. I love your work. I am a beginner painter, who has always enjoyed working with colour, texture and design in the abstract.

    • this site (wordpress) is so amazing bringing people together from all over the world to share, inspire, and express ideas…if my site helps others to appreciate or create I feel i have done something worth while…thank you.

    • I pretty much have them over 85% of the surface. Cornsilk separated into single strands (the corn was pretty good eating also 😉 . to adhering them, acrylic gel medium does a good job…other areas tissue paper covers them, but they were already adhered….thanks for the kudos

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