The 4 Poles

10×14 in. mixed media. A piece from my circle and rectangle period, note signature…not quite as embellished as current. Other than some acrylic this was done mainly with colored pencil and watercolor pencil. Actually if you follow the piece around it was somewhat mathematical in my selection of colors and sizing…then at some point i started adding parts that didn’t follow that rule but felt right. This was the piece that really made me feel good about staying with abstract shapes for my themes. It also presents some challenges as to presentation, due to my working to the very edge. When I mat a piece I always feel like I am hiding part of the expression and my viewers are missing something I intended to be seen. I have given some thought as to mounting them to a black or white mat-board, but haven’t felt good about any process/glue techniques yet. If anybody out there has any thoughts on this, please drop me a comment or line. My e-mail is Thanks

5 thoughts on “The 4 Poles

  1. aloha Ken – yeah, you should be able to float something like this in a frame. talk to a framer about options to do this as I wouldnt want to damage the work with less than archival materials. museum staff would know how to float mount a work too – sometimes they’ll explain it as well.

    one of the things i like about your work here has to do with the layering. i like the way the shape that is behind a shape sometimes pops out and appears to actually be in front of the shape. this is something i often play with and come back to over and over. if this link works it’ll take you to a watercolor on my blog where you can see this kind of spacial play with layers where the background becomes the foreground and so on:©10-©95-elmnts-o-space-sml/

    of course others have played with this concept as well – it’s just plain fun to me. cool on what you’re doing with it too. aloha.

  2. It may be the mathematics plus intuition (are they really different?), but I find this piece very peaceful and somewhat reminiscent of a calm Spring day. I do enjoy your work. an artist friend of mine has used blocks occasionally to mount work that didn’t want a border such as a mat. Keep up the wonderful work.

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