Silver Squares Cost More

Mixed media 11×14 in. This was one of the first pieces I did once I ran out of shoes to paint, love how colors fade in and out…result of layering with acrylic. This has more depth than the picture shows and was a victim of my earlier photo talents, alast this piece sold and currently isn’t available to try again.  I had two names for this and couldn’t decide which I wanted to use…the other name was Triangles n Squares 1 , I want to say the piece sold without a name which is a shame and one i will fix whenever I become Universally known and this piece shows up for auction…just kidding…but my silver markers/paint sticks did cost more than the others, so the name fits. 😉

Each One Is A Finished Piece

Mixed media 9×12. I could of titled this the house of a thousand works, layer after layer of squares and lines built over each other. It had a nice rainbow effect but the squares became lost, the whole piece became a color. I then tried framing a few with marker and a silver paint stick, then a few became several dozen…and the piece starting breathing…or it could have been the fumes…I have a fan now !!!   Look closely at each little framed work, if blown up on a large canvas each could be a work to itself.