Look Straight Ahead

Slightly mixed media 10×14 in.  I had both eyes laser-ed due to my parents genes and this piece was what I saw on a minor follow-up procedure.  I would have done something about the first two but the canvas would have been pure black or white since I remember nothing, Nada.  Actually the most amazing thing was after the first two procedures I could not believe how much more vivid, intense and richer all colors were…like seeing a different colored world.  I had feared having this done most of my life since my Mom told me I would have the same before 50…she was close.  It went so well and the results so amazing/laser I wish I could have had this much earlier…we live in amazing times.

Trapped Inside Of An Electrolux

Mixed media 9×12 in. I was going to name it after the Hoover, but that might make a good follow-up to this  instead. The Electrolux vacuum cleaners were so cool looking, I believe the switcher-roo  in Rocketman  was an electrolux. These machines were so Buck Rogers…I think as a kid I tried to ride my mom’s around until I got caught…several times.  I think I upgraded to a 3 wheeler to save my behind.

Voyage Of The Cranes

Mixed media 9×12 in. Remember when I was talking in my Chaos In The Bay page about my first attempt of doing a sketch…well this is it. Stained glass without the glass! Actually I may try to do something equine with framing, why you ask? The initial layers of this were very brite and rich and after several coatings I managed to get to the shades you see now…however if you hold this up to a brite light those rich colors come thru…almost like a night day type thing…accident but maybe something to experiment on. By the way I am referring to the birds, ie… cranes.

Seeking Nemo

Mixed media 12×18 in.  Companion piece to ” 3 Jaw Clamp “, can’t remember which one was first but this one doesn’t use tissue paper or have a lot of surface texturing. I took some rough photos of this as it was being created, actually completed it in one day…thanks to inventive use of a space heater to dry the layers (I can be inpatient when my creative juices are flowing). Walked down to my lair after dinner and when I came back up at 3am…nobody awake to share my new treasure with…but I slept well dreaming of little Nemo.

Segmented Puddles

Mixed media 12×18 in.  The under pinning to this piece was layer after layer of markers and ink with repeated patterns, that start to take a life of their own. I really like how the acrylic is transparent enough to allow some of  the background work to morph thru. The final layers were controlled and precise in contrast to the background layers that were free flowing throughout.

Can’t Ya See Why


Mixed media 10×16 in. Like my migration piece but with only squares/rectangles. Exploring use of wide color palate and fading or streaking colors to show movement. The edges seemed incomplete until I used the line work/grid-ding at which point it started to pull it together , much like the yellowing in the middle plane. Only a GPS system could guide you thru this labyrinth…Enjoy!