Life Beneath the Coconut Tree


9×12 in. mixed media.

Doing abstracts can surprise you from time to time, especially when there isn’t any definitive idea about the subject matter. This is just such a piece for me. Once I added the browns to the work i couldn’t help but see island type scenes in my head…as most of you that read anything from me know…i like to spend time with a finished piece  and figure out its title… in this case i had several going on in my head well before i finished…not sure i liked the fact it influenced some of my artistic choices before i finished…but hey sometimes it is good to go with what you feel strongly about…and see where it takes you.

If I had a shrink I would imagine he might suggest a vacation to some Caribbean island…actually that isn’t a bad idea !!!


Island Lines

Island lines seems to fit, don’t ya think?

A 9×12 mixed media.  This was an exercise using different shapes and it lead to a nice piece that I did later on, your can’t miss the influence. This kinda takes me back to when t-shirts were my main form of expression, by that I mean what I wore.  Use to take me three loads to wash them all, not that I waited that long to wash them.