Foldable Art: fall side

Spray paint 6×7 ft. The flip side of “country side” started out as a project I was going to do with my daughter…she helped gather interesting leaves…and helped press them…but after that her interest waned… more interesting things to do… ahhh to be a teenager again…lol.  I picked 4 colors out in similar intensity, then just had a blast playing with it.  Probably more  home decor than fine art but I like the effect and it is very pleasing to look at. The  greens, blues and deep reds help on a blah wintery day.  Notice the leaf outline on the right upper panel? A patch up after our son’s puggle  (if you look closely on the right side you also can see her in the background)  knocked the divider over onto a rocking chair, putting a nice 2  inch hole in the panel…I need to remember to use the better glue when patching!


Technicolor Woodie

A 9×12 mixed media. Never been on a cruise but my sea going daughter has twice. So after hearing all of her stories after the first time when she set sail the second time I made her promise to take a few dozen photos for me to use.  So based on a dull Caribbean driftwood pile my daughter shot while on a cruise I gave that driftwood pile some much needed Caribbean color.