Sunflowers In A Red Vase


11 x 14 in. mixed media.

Punch out from a board game, new color pencils,  markers and the need to use my acrylics…and this is what you get. The background colors were done with the colored pencils and the outlines were the markers, after that I went to town with the acrylics. At first it was just various shades of bright yellow and then the idea formed about sunflowers…after all Kansas and sunflowers go hand in hand, right? Then if you care about the flowers one must put them in a vase, but not any vase …a red vase, must stay classical, right? The greens and browns should be self explanatory. Had to work on the border some, as plain didn’t look right at all.  Quite a bit of raised textured, course the reflections show that.

Without the title not many would guess my intent, but I would hope they would at least enjoy the view.


Microwave Lilies

A 9×12 mixed media using everything but tissue paper.  Where do I start? The bottom layer started out as very brite green & purple lily pads in sky blue waters. They had details in each pad that I kept simplifying as each layer built up. The waters kept getting transformed with each layer but the depth was getting deeper. For as much as I rubbed and scrubbed on this paper (130 lb cold rolled) it amazed me how well it held up. By the last few layers my touch became much softer as I was getting what I wanted from the process.  By the end it bother me to put my name on it cause I felt like it was a blemish on the work . The title? I can’t imagine I took anywhere near as long as you know who did on his lilies.