Harry Stewart Finally

20x24 in acrylic on canvas.

20×24 in acrylic on canvas.

I have had this unfinished canvas around for many, many years, a project started but one of those pieces I could never get my head around to finish. So when I came across it a few weeks ago I was determined to complete it, this year!

It felt strange to be working on canvas again with its grain and the push and give of it’s surface, made me long for my watercolor paper. The original task was to do a piece for a fellow worker that was into ninja type stuff, thus the title I gave this piece. Looking at it now finished I really like my moon and Jackson Pollock vegetation. Don’t ask why I have a Camelot castle vs. something more oriental, I was young then.  As with my recent works I work hard to get texture, this piece shows that especially in the moon and foreground areas.

Of note, I say it is finished but I want to live with it for awhile to be really sure….. 😉


19 thoughts on “Harry Stewart Finally

  1. Hi, I backread through your blog and I must say you are an amazing artist! I especially love this work! How I wish I have that kind of talent! Thank you for sharing your works with us. 🙂

  2. What….a Ninja cant live in a castle? I showed this to my 5 yr old daughter and she asked me why the moon was mad. Being an average, white male with 3 beers in me, I saw a Ninja…..she saw what looked like an angry face on the moon which now I see, now that I am really looking at it. The left hand is the eye, and the legs are an angry mouth. Was that intentional? Either way, a great piece. I like the hand in the foreground….shadowing and all that, but my daughter thinks it’s an eye….beer is empty, gotta go….

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I just had to take a peek at yours to return the compliment! Wow! I’ve just randomly flicked through your gallery; such variety. I’m a novice and can’t seem to break away from being very detailed in my efforts – oh to be loose and free with my paint! Obviously that’s not in my nature though, but looking at your abstract works I can see that even though the detail is there, the huge range of colours and texture seem to provide their own type of freedom. Thank you for giving me something to think about!

  4. Nice… I like the shadows and contrasts… I also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog recently. My art is borrowed from other great artists, I just try to write how they make me feel or match a picture to the feeling of something I’ve written… I do love art tho I quit painting after my father died. Enjoying the art of others is quite sufficient for me now. 😀

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