The Badlands

12×25 in. mixed media. In my younger days I tried my hand at commercial art working for the city of Topeka Parks and Recreation part-time, while working full-time at a Pet Food plant. The assignments were fun and I got a taste of working with a client and what they wanted and what you could deliver at minimum wages. The real nice thing was after doing this for about 2 years I realized if i was doing art like this for 40+ hours a week I would have gotten to a point of losing the zest of creativity. A great job and I met some very interesting people but my dream of being a commercial artist took a big hit plus I was good at making dog food 😉

At any rate this piece was an idea I had for a science fiction book cover long ago and finally did it recently. Markers, colored pencils, graphite lead, and acrylic created the effect…if you see a reflection in the picture I was too lazy to remove the piece from the frame before shooting, what else can I say.


25 thoughts on “The Badlands

  1. I love this. The colors are so vibrant and futuristic. This is the kind of picture you’d use for inspiration while writing a Sci-fi novel. Thanks for stopping by and subscribing to my blog.

  2. I would read this book. I just like the look that the world is waiting for me to step inside. Don’t know how you captured so much emotion in this picture, but I feel the loneliness, the desolation and yet the inviting possibilities.

  3. Another favorite, and this one also brings back a very fond memory for me. One year, very long a go, my family went to the Badlands on our summer vacation. It was truly an amazing experience, the sunsets are so beautiful there!

    • Thanks…I don’t do much that can be considered realistic in nature…much to my one son’s dismay…but when I do I pour as much effort into it as my abstracts.

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