Lost Finding Olympic Hop-Scotch

9×12 in. mixed media. Been working on and off on this one since the last very days of the London Olympics. Should have taking pictures of this as I was going along, I believe it changed at least a dozen times before I could keep my hands  off it. Biggest issue was putting names of rail stations in, or not. It is what I envisioned in my head, names and letters, but I never could make it look the way I wanted. So then the challenge became making it work for my eye without. This is another piece that is better appreciated in person, for the coloring and details and texture. By the way Rio has some large shoes to fill, really enjoyed the opening and closing ceremories…plus track and field felt importance again…Mr. Bond and Mr. Bolt, thank you.


7 thoughts on “Lost Finding Olympic Hop-Scotch

  1. Really like this piece. it mixes the “traditional 60’s ” abstract with graphic design and contemporary fascination with texture. Well done!

  2. I’m not a great sports follower but i am always hooked by the drama and emotion of the Olympics and I love the scrubbed back and layered look of this work. I agree the Opening and Closing ceremonies were truly exceptional but then no-one can do production and theatre like the brits. I was hoping to go and see the Olympic site in a short stop over in London but only managed to fly over it which was still quite exciting after seeing helicopter shots while watching late into the night in Oz.

    • Thank you…I get so caught up in the moment and it’s hard to pause to think about pictures, but we will see if i can’t make it part of doing a piece. As to titles, we all have life experiences to draw upon, we just have to look at our work and see what feels right to our personalities.

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