Fill The Page Kenneth

8×11.5 in. ink.   My earliest memory of drawing was doing pictures of cats, dogs, horses, planes, etc. on a piece of paper each one about the size of a  50-cent piece. I would then show it to my Mom who would give me praise and encouragement and then say finish filling the page before I give you another piece of paper. Might explain why I hoard drawing pads and books half-finished today, I don’t want to run out or worry about getting more.

So this drawing is one I shared with my Mom while I was in college…she loved it and noted how well I used the paper  :-).  Subject matter was whatever came to mind or was in view doing the process…key chains, money, dominoes, ads, magazines, mushy cards for GF’s, old sneakers, etc.

To be sure most artists that do abstract art know how to draw well (ie.. realistic) but we choose to go another direction…cause that is what inspires us.  I don’t draw cats and dogs any more but my Mom would still be proud of the of the fact my abstracts use all of the paper…thanks Mom.


29 thoughts on “Fill The Page Kenneth

  1. This is quite a fun, whimsical drawing, Ken! I’m really happy that you made it so I could zoom in and enjoy the details!

    • It is a nice option that this blog style (sunspot) allows. As i always wanted to get as close to works of art as i could, to see the stokes and techniques. For me this was important cause i could then relate and know for sure if i could do anything close to the same…at least in technique and style. This fasination caused me to almost get kicked out of the Nelson Art gallery in KC, i never touched but i believe i scared them. i figured with my work on this blog i would do the same for my audience…not scare them but, allow closer looks. 🙂

  2. I like so much of your stuff but don’t have time to comment on them all! Love the giant orangutan also! I’m starting another blog soon and I will be commenting on your work and putting a link to this blog.

    • Thank you very much for the comments and the forth coming link…I do have a question tho, I am hoping your comment about “orangutan,” was a play on words about oranges if not I don’t remember a orangutan sneaking into my pieces…lol 😉 or was that my fuzzy Lincoln?

      • I saw a picture of You (?) next to a painting of large orange thing that I thought was an orangutan. Sorry, my eyesight is bad – I have to slide my glasses to the end of my nose to see close up, ugh! I’ll have to go back and find the picture and see what it really is, lol!

  3. I like your work!
    Your story made me laugh. A year or so ago I was at my mom’s just doodling on some paper with my great niece. My mom, who is an artist, looked at my paper and went on and on about how beginners never fill in the page. It was so funny.

  4. I LOVE this drawing! I like all of your work, but this drawing and the story along with it are reminiscent of my 7 year old son who is constantly illustrating his own books and comics. I see his future in this drawing. Aside from that, it’s simply gorgeous in its detailed, illustrated story of you. More! Thanks for the Follow and right back at you!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog ~ gave me a chance to see your wonderful artwork. I especially like this one and the story behind it. Love it when moms are encouraging and supportive!

  6. I really like this one! I’m so glad that your mom encouraged you to “fill the page”! You have an amazing gift and talent!
    Thank you so much for “following” me on my journey at “Blessings through raindrops”…
    I consider it a true honor! I hope you enjoy the journey!

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  8. This reminds me of what is called “mindmapping”…very visual representation of one’s “thinking”. Your pieces are very imaginative…Good to have you visit & the “like”…

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  10. I feel for you… I have a thing about stockpiling sketchpads and paper. Unless I have a crazy over-abundance, I get crippled by a fear of running out, and won’t use any! It’s also really fun to see how your preferred styles have shifted over the years.

  11. This is the type of stuff I actually like to do. Sit down with a piece of paper and just fill it with whatever my imagination can come up with. Really interesting stuff, Ken!

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