It Is Too Cold To Skinney Dip

11×14 in mixed media. The 3rd and final wave is up and running at the Putnam County Library and this is one of the pieces. Not  sure how normal shows go but I was able to provide the public with 27 hand picked works over a 2 month period, 9 at a time. Feedback continues to be very favorable from visitors, which is greatly appreciated.  Thanks again to Stacie Johnson.

On to this current piece…nature and the elements, kind of played with a reflective type theme…water, deep and shallow and moonlight…are those snowflakes?…maybe…is that mountains?…possible .  The colors and texture have a brisk cool feel to them, and I really enjoyed changing the shades and hues as the trees came thru the piece. I might over-play the white outlining, but at this point I can’t see the work without it. I have used this style and technique on several pieces now, each one creates a different but pleasant mood for me while glazing at them…I hope it catches you in a similar fashion.


19 thoughts on “It Is Too Cold To Skinney Dip

  1. I’ve enjoyed looking through your artwork ~ thanks for stopping by my blog which provided the link back to yours. I’m not an artist but enjoy/appreciate artwork!

  2. I’ve been trying to view all of your art that you post. I really enjoy your design and color use. It reminds me of art my grandparents used to show me from the late 70’s and early 80’s. Though I reckon you draw from different styles. This is fabulous! Absolutely even!

  3. Wow! I love your use of light in your paintings. It seems to permeate everything. I think it says a lot about the artist. Loved “It’s Too Cold to Skinney Dip”; title and visual complement each other so totally. Congratulations. 42 year old ink beautiful too.

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