Putnam County Library Showing July-August

Well I finally got the works framed and the they are proudly hanging at the Putnam County Library. Isn’t a huge place but it does have a great location in the building, hard to miss seeing it.  This is a program that Stacie Johnson of the library management team fostered for local artists. I have the privilege to be hanging July thru August, since there is limited space I plan on rotating my works every 2 to 3 weeks. Also keeps my fan base from getting bored looking at the same pieces all of the time. I must say it does feel pretty good to have your work displayed in public and feedback from a lot of you bloggers gave me the confidence to do it…THANKS !

So if you happen to be rolling around Cookeville, Tennessee between now and the end of August…drop on by the library Mon-Sat and check me out.  Oh, sorry about the picture best I could get, this tall moody, but friendly guy kept mugging while my son took photos…you would think he was the artist or something… 😉

OH, there is also another  ART display as you come in from a Tenn. Tech professor of art , Sally Crain-Jager, pretty good stuff…so if my stuff doesn’t hold your interest make sure you give her’s a look.


16 thoughts on “Putnam County Library Showing July-August

  1. Happy to contribute to your confidence, it is very nice work! I love art only wish I were better at it, but that does not stop me from appreciating the talents of others. happy for your chance to display it to the public Ken.

  2. Ken! Way to go buddy, that looks like a great exhibition! I too have a (photography) show coming up in July here in Victoria, BC, and I’m definitely feeling a little wierd having my stuff up for the first time. I just hope I get as good a picture in front of my work 😛

    • Hey thanks for the words and luck be with you, however you have good stuff (no luck needed). As to the pic not sure how good it is but you should be more than fine from what I can see. Take a pic (your show) to share with us, my wife has been to your area very beautiful country…lucky you. Oh, and Ben…with your blog work your show will be be a piece of cake.

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