The Other Side

Mixed media 10×14 in. Variation of several ( Between, How Many Trees Make A Forest, The Stage Is Set.) of my other bubbleheaded tree works.  At some point I may revisit these and either on a much smaller or much larger scale try to expand upon this. I don’t believe those are the great pyramids so I have added mountains to the mix. 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Other Side

  1. WOW … so wonderful .. I have been toying with he idea of painting … to be honest , I have always been a bit scared where to start.. your Blog has got be thinking I should try , the colours, shapes and subjects are beautiful …. Thank you for visiting and following my Blog, I don’t know if I would have discovered your paintings otherwise …

  2. Ken, thank you so much for liking and following my poetry/hiking/mythology blog. I’m honored to have you as a reader! And I’m delighted to be led back here to your vivid, color-drenched art. I love your abstract landscapes, especially. The geometries in these tree paintings–including “It Is Too Cold To Skinney Dip” and “Nude Bathing By Moonlight”–are strikingly wonderful.

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