How Many Trees Make A Forest

Mixed media 9×12 in. This is a piece that I came back to many times before I felt it was finished. I liked the division of the work and the way the squares formed up, but I kept struggling with the ovals … until I started shading the lighter one. That was when it started to fall into place for me. As to the title…it seemed very obvious to me once I stared at it for 10 days or better.


11 thoughts on “How Many Trees Make A Forest

  1. Your art is gorgeous. I really like this piece, it’s fun and whimsical! I also like that your art is very different from one to the next. Some artists create similar pieces. Your work varies….nicely done!

    • Appreciate your thoughts about my work…from one end of my work to the other since i started back up there is a lot of variation, however I might do several or more using similar techniques that stay in the same ballpark…such as my reflective waters, but doing a dozen like that would get old, so out pops Microwave Lilies or Channel Surfing With Rabbit Ears,,,it keeps me fresh and excited to start another piece. By the way once they are finished we get to express ourselves with our artistic expression of words to define our piece, that can be a whole another type of excitement. πŸ˜‰

  2. I love the works you display on your blog! I thank you for this display! As for this piece in particular, there is a lot of hidden depth and I find myself being able to draw layers from it.

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