Channel Surfing With Rabbit Ears


Mixed media 9×12 in. What baby boomer hasn’t been up late at night to see the test pattern come on…or be trying to get stations late at night that you can only get when there was a temperature inversion.  Who knew those satellites would take away all of these late night adventures. To me seeing the Indian Chief was iconic to those days…by the way, I cheated … those test patterns were in black and white…oh well, imagination is nice. The station to my knowledge is my invention using some letters that have meaning to me.


7 thoughts on “Channel Surfing With Rabbit Ears

    • Thank you…your site is inspirational too…love how you used the food netting in EARTH CYCLES…I have been saving them for months and hadn’t been inspired to use them yet…nice touch, I like the effect.

      • Thanks so much for your comments. Hope you get inspired to use the food mesh.Will visit your blog again. I have several new experimental paintings new to the blog. RLTE

  1. One way to make television more interesting!! Beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by our blog (!!

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