BP Lied To Us

Very mixed media 9×12 in. This is a very confused piece, at times green (environmental) and at times just the opposite. The beach is green…used home made glue and for color would you believe color pencil shaving I have saved for months.  Now I couldn’t stay true and for the foreground I used marker, ink, and good old nasty solvent…I did have gloves on and preformed this experiment outside in fresh air.  Nice results but not sure I would do this again, messy, smelly, and my gloves weren’t in very good shape afterwards… kinda like working the beaches in the Gulf during the BP mess… Title seemed natural,at least for me.  The title and the piece poke fun at this mess, however I know it was anything but funny…so no offense, just art.


4 thoughts on “BP Lied To Us

  1. I like this one very much. BP is a supplier of my business, I regularly say that doing business with them is like having God’s foot on your neck. I don’t know anyone who loves them, but I encourage everyone to hate them. Thank you for following A Thistle in my Sensitive Area!

  2. Thank you for liking my post. Your art is lovely. NIce title for this one…no eyeless shrimp? I really enjoy your underwater whimsies. Your paintings remind me of Japanese art and a little of Remedios Varo, but completely unique, of course.

    • Thank you for taking the time to view and give feedback, I really appreciate it and quite frankly want to hear comments like yours. I am fairly eclectic when it comes to my tastes in art and thank you for pointing out an artist i was unfamiliar with in VARO, she is wonderful!!! …love her use of oranges, yellows and browns…makes any other color so lively.

thanks for feedback/comments

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