Foldable Art: country side

Mixed media 6×7 ft. Who says you have to hang art on the wall… We had this around for longer than I care to remember, waiting for color.  Used spray paint, charcoal, pastel sticks, paint sticks, markers, and latex paint.  In my mind I started with woods and a lake then a waterfall, kind of has a oriental feel to it. Then  I used countryside to connect the two halves. … there is two sides to this divider I’ll share the other side at another time.


8 thoughts on “Foldable Art: country side

    • Project on one side that I wanted to show my daughter how easy it is to create designer furniture, leaves and spray paint…the other side, want different colors and a modern abstract landscape that a 11th century Japanese artist might do…lol At least that’s what it appears to me to be, but i was just using what i had and it came out that way…good story though, right?…lol

thanks for feedback/comments

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