Kansas Horizons

Mixed media 9×12 in. Those that know me know my roots are in Kansas, I don’t do too many pieces with that scenery but I truly have it locked in my heart.  You can see so far and the skies and the colors of the land during the seasons…and trust me on this, it isn’t as flat as you would think, rolling hills aren’t unusual…think the Flint Hills..WOW !  I live in Tennessee now and love the trees, but you can’t get the same vistas as easily…two totally beautiful states in their own rights…but there is something that grabs at me when I am in Kansas…if you are reading this look at the lines in this piece, sunsets, Kansas towns, night skies, wheat fields, clouds, tall weeds, and lakes.


6 thoughts on “Kansas Horizons

  1. I just returned from a trip to Kansas. My first time back ‘home’ in 35 years. I was born north of Wichita. That’s really the start of the flat plains that I remember. I never spent much time east of there, and didn’t realize how green and hilly it was over there in the Flint Hills. Your painting captures it beautifully.


    • Went to JUCO in ElDorado, lived most of my time in and around Topeka. Kansas is flat in places but the rolling flint hills and the farm land near the Nebraska border give a different view. Appreciate the compliment, especial from one who has seen it…thanks.

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