5 Shells By The Seashore

Mixed media 16×20 in. I had considered to divide this into 4 equal parts and then mount it with about 1/4 in. space between all parts with a dark background. However the outcry from my home grown support system convinced me to delay it for now.  This has a very nautical feel to which I find  very relaxing to look at. Technique wise I didn’t employee as many layers in this piece as I normally would, because it started working for me early on, and I couldn’t see the need. Subconsciously this comes from a long series of beach pictures/photos I took at Tybee Island.


5 thoughts on “5 Shells By The Seashore

  1. I like your style very much! Like Mamacormier, I get the beach theme too. The strong lines and angles give me a futuristic feeling.. Do you have an example, I mean a person out of art history?

    • Thank you very much…As to your question I will take a stab…My abstract style is influenced by a large group of artists such as C.Demuth, W.Thiebald, J.Stella, R.Indiana, M.Duchamp, R.Diebenkorn, Van Gogh to name a few. My line work has been influenced by Picasso, Moebius, B. Wrightson, A.Mucha. Your question really forced me to reflect on my work and I made a list that had 25 artist from 1880’s to 1980’s as my main influences. I am a baby boomer so the late 60’s thru the 70’s was my formative years, but luckily I had a great teacher (Joe Hutchinson) that showed me examples of other artist prior to that period that helped form my style. I would say it is eclectic as I can lean towards a more illustrative/realistic style on occasions. The pieces I did (5 shells & chaos in bay) lean towards a abstract futurist/expressionism/Duchamp & J.Stella …otherwise my style is a morph. Hope that helps Kylian 🙂

      • Allright, what a list! haha, thank you very much! I definitely keep my eye on your great work! I took a great look at your blog and I saw your painting ‘Lunar Shallows’, what kind of material did you use? Or is that your secret ;)? haha no I’m kidding.. Sometimes I combine acryl paint with some charcoal and crayon..

      • I think the background has a fair amount of influence on the effect, a lot of the fall series is a heavy weight colored paper…yellow, blue, brown, green, black. I cover most of the surfaces so the color only has a tonal effect. The medias have been varied on different pieces never all the same, and then layer upon layer to get to that point.

  2. I totally get the beach theme. Reminds of the beach at my cottage. Thanks for following my blog. I’ll probably post some of my own art later in the summer.

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